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Grimes Farm Story Hour

Grimes Farm Story Hour takes place the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month from 10:00-11:00 am in Marshall town Iowa at the Grimes Farm and Conservation Center. July 1st brought 15 curious preschoolers with their parents, grandparents or care-givers to read and learn and sing about fireflies. We learned that fireflies blink their lights at will to communicate with other fireflies. Different fireflies have different codes in their blinks! We also learned that, although it is fun for people to keep fireflies in jars to watch indoors, the fireflies don’t think it is very fun at all! Their lights soon begin to dim and finally stop altogether! We read about several children, and even Big Bird, who kept lightning bugs in a jar by their beds. When the observant children noticed the lights dimming, they let the fireflies go….and saw their lights become bright again as the bugs felt free to fly with their friends again!

We were surprised to learn that lightning bugs start out as glow worms! One book described how early Americans even tried to hold glow worms near their books so they could read after the sun went down! The glow worms keep their glow for about 2 hours.

The light comes from chemicals inside their bodies. The light does not create heat. Scientists have not been able to recreate the right chemicals to make light. It is a lightning bug and glow worm secret!


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