About the Grimes Farm Blog

This blog is intended to supplement the information you’ll find on the Grimes Farm website.  We hope to use this space to post information about forthcoming Grimes Farm events–the Grimes Farm Run, for example, or the Story Hour–and also to post information on topics likely to be of interest to central Iowans who frequent Grimes Farm.  Many thanks for visiting and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have particular questions about Grimes Farm.


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    I really enjoyed the center and learning about midwestern prairie grasses and soil. Please advise the next time the seaduck display is out so I can get out there with my granddaughter. Thank you Mike and Ruth for the hospitality and waiting a couple extra minutes for us eastcoasters.

  2. 2

    Jason said,

    Is there going to be a Run in 2011?

    • 3

      Kyle Grimes said,

      Yes! Sorry I’ve been delayed in posting the details here on the blog, but they should be up now. Thanks for asking, and I hope we’ll see you at the 11th GFR!

  3. 4

    Heather said,

    Do you know if you will post the pictures from the Run on the 14th? Had a great time!

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      marthagrimesisaacson said,

      Thanks for coming to the Grimes Farm Run. We will post pictures as soon as I can figure out how. This is a family affair and our brother that knows how to post is studying/researching in Europe at the moment. Hopefully, I will figure this out by tomorrow.
      Martha Grimes Isaacson

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