Grimes Farm Run Features New Trail Design

“Mud Cakes the Grimes Farm Run” was the headline following the 2008 version of the popular local 5K and 5Mile cross country race held each July at the Grimes Farm. Many runners coming across the finish line sported tell-tale smears of mud indicating where they landed in the slips and falls that occurred so often on the muddy trail. “We have designed a new 5 Mile trail that we call the Good News/Bad News Trail. The good news is there will be less mud. The bad news is there are more hills!” exclaims Carrie Barr, race director.

The 9th annual “Grimes Farm Run…A Walk in the Park” will be held July 11th at the Grimes Farm. Registration begins at 7:00 am with 3 different races (5K, 5 Mile and 1.6 Miles) beginning at 8:00 am. Children’s races will be held at approximately 9:00 am. There will be $100 prizes for first place and $50 prizes for the 2nd place the male and female winners of the 5K and the 5 Mile races.

In late June, with the race just weeks away, the Grimes family had not been able to get maintenance equipment onto the rustic trail section to perform necessary repairs for the race to proceed. The decision was made to plan an entirely new section that will be the 2009 – 5 Mile course. Armed with a handheld GPS system, members of the Grimes family scouted all the trails they had created over the years up the hills and over dales. After many trials, they were able to concoct the perfect distance and the 2009 – 5 Mile trail came to be. “It would be a good idea to wear cleats,” commented Norm Bach, a frequent runner on the trails at the Grimes Farm, who offered to test the new path. “If it is wet on race morning, the grass may be slippery. But what a great challenge!”

Proceeds from the race event will go toward the bike, jog, and walking path connection that is planned to join the Linn Creek Recreational Trail from the Grimes Farm to the Iowa Highway 330 Trail, which, in turn, connects to the Heart of Iowa Trail going from Melbourne to Slater. All the trail segments are a part of the American Discovery Trail (ADT), planned to be a 6,800 mile coast-to-coast non-motorized recreational trail, going from San Francisco to Delaware. The ADT crosses 15 states linking communities, cities, parks and wilderness allowing people to hike, bike and, in some cases, ride horses for an afternoon or an entire cross country adventure.

Registration forms for the Grimes Farm Run are available at , at the Grimes Farm and Conservation Center, 2347 233rd Street (641-752-5490), or at many stores and businesses in Marshalltown. Questions about the Grimes Farm Run may be directed to Carrie Barr, or 641-752-9778.


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